# How do
You Chill?
Chill Shot@ is designed to maximize your focus and enhance
your mood. Backed by scientific research, its effects can actually
be experienced.
Enhance your
mood naturally
Chill Shot@ promotes a feeling of tranquility, reduced stress
and inspires a greater sense of self-confidence, lessening social inhibitions.
Chill Shot@ with Zembrin@ Sceletium Tortuosum promotes
alert Serenity, maximum focus, heightened sensess and enhanceed
mood. Chills Shot@ does not contain THC or CBD and is
completely free of GMO’s.
Chill Shot@ does not contain any sleep aids like melatonin,
valerian root, or tryptophan because they may cause one to be
drowsy and sleepy.
# Lets
Chill Out
Invite Us to your next Event CHILL SHOT® is a great campus fundraiser Creating a CHILL SHOT® event on Campus can be the next big thing. You could be making money for you and you chapter daily, weekly and all year around.
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